Cretan Gastronomy; The village of Anogia

Cretan Gastronomy; The village of Anogia

Last night I had the opportunity to visit one of Crete’s beautiful and most traditional villages. Here you will find traditional tastes and flavours of Cretan cuisine. We went to a beautiful family tavern called AETOS and tasted food that is cooked in the traditional, local way!

You wont find lamb cooked the same way in any part of Greece. The method is called “antikristo”! Pieces of lamb ( but you can use any sort of meat) cooked AROUND the fire and not directly on top! It is a slow cooking process, which takes about an hour and a half and cooks the meat so perfectly, preserving all its succulent juices, tenderness and flavour! Its an amazing gastronomical experience.

We also ate apaki which is also a top delicacy here in Crete! All the meats used in this village are from animals that are grown locally that are fed with fresh herbs. Also, any cheese products that you will find are also from their farms which gives them a delicious, fresh, unique taste with no preservatives what so ever.

I highly recommend visiting this village, and even this taverna. The history that dates back to the 1800′s is astonishing too. I suggest you visit this site for more information: