Cooking with Kouzini

Cooking with Kouzini

I have been in the food blogging neighbourhood for almost 2 years now, and I have followed some amazing blogs, read so many recipes and even met a couple of inspiring people too! One person who I followed and who so kindly followed me back was Andonis Kasandrinos! His family owns groves in southern Greece (Lakonia to be exact, which is in Sparta!) and produces one of the tastiest Greek Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oils that I have ever tasted! He was ever so kind as to send me a sample with which I immediately took the opportunity to bake a traditional Greek spanakopita! I cannot think of enough words to describe it!

Cold pressed, from his own families farms who tend for their fields with love and dedication for the best result. You see, particularly in Greece, the unity of a family and the love work and dedication put into any family owned business most often results in amazing products like these!

Incredible aroma, robust texture, delicate and pure taste!

I would highly recommend this product to all my followers around the world as it is as pure and flavoursome as you can get! Visit KOUZINI now and see what they have to offer! And as Andoni says…..

To your Health! “Yia mas” in Greek!