Greek Coffee

Greek Coffee

Some call it “Arabic”, others call it “Turkish” or even “Armenian”. Respect. I don’t aim to go against anyone claiming rights to the origin of this delicious coffee. As a Greek girl raised abroad though, the smell of this coffee takes me back home, back home to Greece.

The success to a perfect Greek Coffee is to measure the water for each coffee based on the cup your using. For a bitter coffee add one full tsp of greek coffee, for medium sweetness add one not so full tsp and for a sweet coffee add one full teaspoon and up! Add the water to your coffee pot and then add the coffee and sugar. Let it fall to the bottom without mixing. Just before the coffee boils, give it a swirl and let it rise. Serve slowly into the cup (a bit larger than an espresso cup) for a frothy cover!

A very good morning to everyone with a “Greek” coffee from my beautiful balcony in Glyfada, Athens.