Pan fried Cheese Pie with no phyllo

Pan fried Cheese Pie with no phyllo


500-600g all purpose flour
3 egga
300g Feta cheese
200gr grated mozzarella
250ml milk
Salt & freshly ground pepper
1 Tbsp finely chopped fresh mint
A couple of spring onions finely chopped
20gr baking powder
Extra virgin Olive Oil


Beat the eggs in a bowl then add the mozzarella and crumble in the Feta. Then, add milk, a good ammount of salt and pepper, mint, spring onions and baking powder. Slowly incorporate flour until a soft dough is formed by kneading it lightly on a floured surface.
Divide into 2 equal parts and with the help of a rolling pin, form 2 discs abput the size of your frying pan. (I used 28″) Cut into 8 equal pieces.
Cover the surface of the pan with olive oil and heat up on medium-high heat. Add the pieces and fry for 8-10 on each side or until golden and crisp!